Sue was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2000 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her song titled "This Road".


…the sound is pure and open-hearted. Communication between this duo and the listener is direct and intimate.… The ladies keep it bright and folksy, but it never comes across as dated. … As a whole, the lyrics are slices of life presented in a way a whisper can attract attention.
—Southbridge Evening News, Southbridge, MA, March, 2001

…hard-driving, acoustic-based sound… her [Crago] songs have a catchy, melodic pop sensibility to them, where you might just find yourself singing along to the choruses.
—Dirty Linen, April/May 2000

The album (On The Verge) is a "strong-willed" but meditative look at life, love, and the importance of Jasmine tea.
—Girlfriends Magazine, April 1999

If you hear 'folk and women' you think, "Oh my God, Joan Baez.' You moan. You get cured of this phobia by hearing the duo Big Blue Sky. They convince you on their debut album
'On The Verge'' with ripe and enticing harmonious songs.
– ROLLING STONE (Germany), Oct. 1998

Grab Fiona Apple by the elastic waistband and make room for women with some miles on them. ... These songs talk about love; getting stung by hindsight; moving on: and generally plowing ahead as a woman in this day and age. It's neither feminist nor sappy. It's just strong-willed. And that has nothing to do with hormones – just perserverence.
–Florida's JAM Magazine, Paisley McClellan, June 1998

Bright, dead-on harmonies...thick full-bodied sound...folkspun, lyrical storytelling...Crago has a wonderful eye for detail, whether evoking simple pleasures like front-porch swings and jasmine tea or the daunting, unmerciful nature of time.
–City Link (FL), Jake Cline, March 1998

Imagine small-town sarcasm, multitiered harmonies, java house life and acoustic guitars stirred into the same soup. Crago definitely has her way of taking listeners anywhere she wants them to go.
–Adrian Glover, Sun Sentinel (FL), March 1998

Let me make something clear, I play this [CD] because it's GOOD!
—Michael Stock, Host-"Folk & Acoustic Show", WLRN-Miami, FL 1998